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Ludwig zum flammenden Stern Nr. 148
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As early as 1785 a Masonic lodge was formed here, in the northern part of the Münsterland, neighbouring the Netherlands boundary. The founder of the lodge was the gentleman Siegfried August von Goué, commander of the guard of the earl Ludwig. Goué in his youth was a friend of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who inspired his sustained literary interests.   

Goué build up the lodge with fellows from both Germany and the Netherlands. The membership role from 1787 still exisits and lists masons from the Steinfurt County as well as the Netherlands. Also in our days has the lodge a fair mix of nationalities amongst its members. 

As per the year 1800,  the whereabouts of the lodge, although still registered with the Grand Lodge of the Netherlands, can not be traced any further. However, records show that members of the Ludwig lodge took an active part in founding new lodges in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.  

In 1983 the idea was borne to revive the old Ludwig lodge, again it were masons from Germany and the Netherlands to put this plan into operation. It was always our aim to cultivate, across geographical borders, a friendly relationship with the European and worldwide chain of brotherhood. 

Historical research indicates that for the past 220 years, there have always been masons living in the Steinfurt county, leaving their inevitable marks. A fundamental task of the lodge is to provide an intellectual home for masons living in the vicinity, but also for the interested gentleman. 

Associated with the lodge is the charitable society "Elephant Steinfurt e.V." which publicizes and translates into action the humanitarian ideals of the freemasons. 

Steinfurt county has a city partnership with London Borough of Ealing. Since 1987 the lodge "Ludwig zum flammenden Stern" maintains a similar partnership with the Ealing Lodge No. 2662, founded in 1897, residing in the West London Masonic Centre in Ealing. The purpose is to cultivate brotherly contacts and the friendship amongst the families of the members of the lodges.   

Brother Freemasons from other lodges are sincerely welcome. Our meetings take place on Thursdays, for details please refer to the schedule as shown under “Termine”.  
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